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tv   Headline News  RT  October 1, 2013 2:00pm-2:30pm EDT

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the blood. up to. fifty. u.s. president obama urges republicans to reopen the government following the stalemate over the new budget which will see workers lose millions of dollars from their pay packets. also this hour the old israeli choose the u.n. general assembly as prime minister benjamin netanyahu says iran cannot be trusted after a former relations between tehran and washington. and britain considers pulling out of the european human rights convention with senior politicians claiming rights rulings are standing in the way of justice the main developments this hour.
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live from our studio center here in moscow where it's just turned ten pm this is. so the u.s. government has partially ground to a halt for the first time in seventeen years squabbling democrats and republicans couldn't find a way to agree a new budget clashing over the care the current administration's high profile reform of the health system now the essential elements of the government such as the military and national security will continue to operate but eight hundred thousand workers are being put on paid leave and over a million are being forced to work despite their pay being delayed when experts estimate that the political stalemate could cost the economy up to fifty five billion dollars that's as much as the effects of hurricane katrina back in two thousand and five services such as the courts transport and the mail will continue to work but they expect to experience difficulties and delays well let's get more
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now live from marty's political commentator sacks in washington. because he's just done this in a speech to reopen government saying that this shutdown is an ideological crusade that thing is will they listen to him. well if you are listening to him a few republicans have come forward and say look we fought the fight here we are losing the fight it's time to just keep the government open and pass a spending bill but leadership in the far right caucus in the republican party here in the house isn't ready to listen to their game planning right now in a meeting to figure out what their next step forward is now that the senate has again rejected their attempts to defund obamacare and curiously budget chairman paul ryan said earlier today that he thinks that ultimately and he's a republican said ultimately the debt limit a few weeks from now is going to be the thing that brings both parties together and comes up with a deal of course the government being shut down for another two weeks until the debt limit could have enormous economic consequences moving forward while you are
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in washington d.c. what are the effects of the shutdown now in these very early stages. well as you mentioned about eight hundred thousand federal employees are not receiving paychecks right now and of course a bulk of them are here in d.c. as are a bulk of the museums and parks and federal parks that are all closed down and of course this is going to continue to have economic benefit are consequences it's not just people with lost wages those people aren't spending money taurus aren't going to museums they're not going to parks businesses are cutting back if we go back to one thousand nine hundred five in one thousand nine hundred six the federal government shutdowns cost a little over a billion dollars and they were shut down for a week so fast forward today we can imagine that the government continues to be shut down we're talking losses of billions of dollars and moody's predicts because of the economic consequences compound in week to week that if we're shut down for three to four weeks we're looking at a fifty five billion dollars hit to the economy which would just be
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a self-inflicted wound by the u.s. government and that would mean even more a steroids. for the americans. right ultimately this does come down to austerity this is the seventh budget battle in the last two and a half years between president obama and congressional republicans and in the last six people who've been pushing austerity have won we've seen austerity spending plan passed after austerity spending spending you could say that's happened because republicans like to attach extra things to it like defunding obamacare so when democrats negotiate that away the small the austerity spending limit stays in place so whatever resolution we get to the government shutdown in the next days or weeks it's going to be an austerity spending plan and already the middle class in the united states is feeling the effects of this austerity just as working people across the atlantic in the in the european union are feeling the effects of austerity over there with with lower wages even reseed suicide rates spike up and
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deficits aren't getting any are getting any better over there. live in washington d.c. thanks very much indeed for that update. well the government is rich shut down a number of times in recent years but lawmakers have always managed to avoid it by the skin of their teeth let's look back at the close schools well back in two thousand and eleven government closure was a budget just want to before the deadline after a painful legislative standoff a budget deal was finally agreed the debt ceiling was another nerve racking issue in the summer of two thousand and eleven it made markets very nervous in america and around the world in fact made those markets tumble but the sky didn't actually fall in the end as it was agreed upon to hold true days before the time was up now it's been seventeen years since the last time the government partially ceased operating but it's actually the eighteenth time the u.s. has taken a so-called spending gap in one thousand nine hundred seven the government was shut down three times in as many months but london based market strategist mike ingram
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told us america keeps stepping on the same rakes. makes them look like idiots quite frankly. i think previously details. that the government just about managed to avoid a shutdown two and a half years ago and at that point in time credit agency standard poor's downgraded u.s. debt from its aaa status and one of the reasons they gave was they said all that you know that this country is becoming ungovernable there's no visibility on what your fiscal policy is which politicians are just playing with fire year after year and here we are again now two thousand and thirteen in the same situation and i would have to say that even once a deal is finally thrashed out this time around on one must hope that that will actually happen we're probably going to be in the same sort of situation next year or the british prime minister david cameron meanwhile believes the u.s. shutdown poses a risk to the world economy jeffrey summers sees associate professor at the
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university of wisconsin milwaukee told my colleague judy a chevelle of earlier that the image of the united states is front runner in the global economy is being further undermined. confidence in the united states is beginning to erode because it appears more and more ungovernable and that is directly linked to the issue of dollar senior edge so of course for the past thirty five years the united states has spent of the us dollar being the global reserve currency because people have confidence in the united states is the most stable country or stable economy in the world that diminishes worse than we have this problem of people choosing to park their assets in other vehicles tell us more about what people in america. like what kind of the most vulnerable right. well for the past really thirty years as well but especially the last ten years the working class and the middle class have taken a beating in the united states financially so they've seen their living standards stagnate or even
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a road and this will just further that because it takes demand out of the economy so this past march for instance we had the crisis with sequester the nonpartisan congressional budget office estimated that that has cost the united states some one point six million jobs that's really huge in a time of this continued. unsteady economic environment so this just further adds to these pressures and again it contributes to this idea that the united states is increasingly ungovernable and unstable so it's a very very unwelcome i think development. getting the door shut and he's the chief economist at the russian based investment house system about how he thinks the power brokers in the world economy will be affected by all of this china . is very important trade partner for the united states if growth in the united states slows down which is the likely outcome of. government shutdown
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definitely the whole world will software simply because of strong interest of the united states through financial markets and in the case of such important countries like china through trade flows in the longer term blood depends on the strength of justice i don't think. china brazil india or russia for example if we diversify if we decrease the amount of exposure to size stated we maybe feel this is a longer time started yet. well just a reminder you can always get more information on everything we're covering by heading to our website you can log on to r.t. dot com to learn more about how the government shutdown will impact america. right now we can get more reaction from kitty pilgrim who is the host of artie's venture capital show a business program. look. we know that congress is deadlocked over spending but what is it costing america the most at the moment one of the projects that the most
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expensive the most costly but it's a real combination we know that defense has been slashed but it's still wiring lehi and actually it could be the biggest threat to america really besides its own military budget along with of course social security medicare obamacare as well now these expenditures they're big and set to get even bigger that the concern is they will totally overwhelm the federal budget which is already incredibly start evidently of course now the u.s. currently spends nearly one trillion dollars on defense which accounts for about twenty percent of all federal spending now a bomb. nearly two trillion to spending in just twenty years but the real now biter comes on the seventeenth of october when the debt ceiling will be breached and the health of the economy will really be on the line. so what will happen next if there is no agreement if
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a compromise isn't dealt with then really what will happen is. actually this is exactly what the debt ceiling is it it's the amount of debt the country can borrow right but the chances are it will be raised because the u.s. has the power to do so now since nine hundred sixty the debt ceiling has been raised seventy eight times a bomb is a particularly unlucky when it comes to refurbishing his house this time will be the third time he has had to endure the embarrassment of a. ceiling showdown the last time was of course back in twenty eleven the u.s. was stripped of its precious chip playwriting by standard and poor's remember that one so while the u.s. continues to fund the biggest minutes you budget in the world bigger than the next ten countries with the biggest military spending combined maybe the destruction of the u.s. and the real threat is actually happening inside the congress walls they seem to be crumbling at the moment but an economic shutdown
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a political showdown is still going on but isn't that. what we're seeing could go on for a day or two could go on for at least two three weeks so. thanks very much indeed keeping their. policies an expert in foreign exchange of the global money markets and he earlier told my colleague you do chevelle of it but the world community could be witnessing the end of the dollar. if you think the u.s. economy currently is starting at around two and a half percent take away one point six from that and you really haven't got very much at all it appears that the money's going to run out somewhere between the seventeenth and the twentieth of october and no amount of face school juggling and accountancy tricks are going to hide that stark reality and talking about the dollar how big a blow is it international standing already over the course of the last four weeks is this deadline has approached we've seen the dollar lose four percent against
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a basket of currencies that pressure probably continues unless and until we get an absolute collapse of global equity markets because ultimately the u.s. for the moment at least is still seen as home which which benefits in terms of flight to safety you can't have a global reserve currency whose very existence is brought into question but is only there by default but the feeling is going to be that over the course of time and that might be years rather than necessarily decades the u.s. dollar is really seeing the last of its the last of its power coming to the end of an era here. much of our government must now shut down until congress funds it again. with you twenty four hours a day r.t. live here in moscow more news ahead for you including leaving
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a disastrous legacy the pull out of nato troops from afghanistan approaches we take a look at how the drug industry engulfed the country and is now spreading across the world that and other stories after the break.
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we're strong. and i think the truth. is continues here in our t.v. israeli prime minister has called rolands new president hassan rouhani a wolf in sheep's clothing insisting the country is still committed to israel's destruction and imminent you know he was talking at the u.n. general assembly of the urging us president barack obama not to fall for what he called it rolls sweet talk. as more clearly prime minister address the world body saying that he does not believe all of this optimism and conciliatory words
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that have been brought to the united nations by iran's new leader hassan rouhani he believes that iran is continuing to use its nuclear program to eventually build a nuclear bomb he says that if iran is a nuclear program was only being used for peaceful purposes why would they continue enriching uranium at such a high grade why would they continue having hidden underground nuclear reserves benjamin netanyahu also pointed a finger straight president rouhani saying that he was the mastermind of a strike a strategy to advance iran's nuclear weapons program and he urged the entire international community to keep up all the sanctions against iran and he says that if israel is forced to stand alone it will stand alone if it has to make sure that iran does not develop a nuclear weapons just four days ago when president obama and rouhani had a historic. fifteen minute phone call that was the first time in thirty four years
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that the nation's leaders have spoken and president rouhani when he came to new york he did generate a lot of a lot of reaction and positive reaction from the media from the international community there was also a successful meeting that took place between five current members of the security council and germany and iran's foreign minister and u.s. president barack obama when he was meeting with. the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu on monday at the white house reassured netanyahu when it comes to u.s. u.s. interests in the middle east that all options including including military options are on the table but the u.s. leaders did say that the iranians are ready to negotiate and diplomacy has to be put to the test so here you know israel now finds itself in a position where the u.s. the europeans are engaging iran are taking iran up on its offers of being more transparent or working out a deal on its nuclear program and israel of course is not happy about this. very
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important talking to be learned from new york for some of the international news making headlines this hour inspectors from the netherlands are forced into syria to oversee the destruction of the country's chemical weapons stockpiles a group of twenty came from neighboring lebanon to find and dismantle about a thousand tons of toxic materials this comes after another group of u.n. experts completed an investigation into alleged gas attacks on monday u.n. security council approved the program last week as part of an agreement how adults between moscow and washington following an attack this last august. for senior members of. golden dawn party of the court on charges of being linked to a criminal group the stopping of the racism activist almost two weeks ago public outrage at the government's failure to contain violence by supporters that link to numerous attacks immigrants and the rest is push the governor. into preparing
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a bill which would outlaw racist hate speech. also in our world update this. bomber killed five police officers and wounded more than seven others in iraq's northern city of tikrit the attack came a day after a series of blasts in and around baghdad killed at least fifty five people and al qaeda linked group claimed responsibility and violence in iraq is reaches highest level since two thousand and eight. well britain's slow drift away from the rest of europe is continuing prime minister david cameron said the u.k. may will withdraw from the european convention on human rights such as allowing foreign criminals to remain in the country indefinitely as long return to the government and the public. explains the british home secretary theresa may told the conservative party conference that the current immigration system in the u.k. is like a never ending game of snakes and ladders and questioning the european convention
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for human rights might be a route that the government chooses to go down david cameron has already endorsed that option that the opening of the tory party conference now the reason they are so worried about this is that at the moment suspected foreign criminals well they have seventeen different routes to appeal if they are meant to be deported under the proposed plans the home office would first deport suspected foreign criminals and then hear their appeals after they've been deported the witness foreign criminals and immigration lawyers while the loses all the victims of these crimes to the public where there is no risk of serious and irreversible harm we should deport foreign criminals first and hear their appeals later now the conservatives view is that the european convention for human rights simply prevents them from dealing with famous cases like that of radical hate preacher abu qatada who famously avoided extradition from the u.k.
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for over a decade because his lawyers argued that it was against his human rights to return to his native jordan where he could face torture there now that was an extremely embarrassing case for the u.k. government and gives you an indication of why they want to tackle the issue but this is a country already that hasn't been immune to accusations of human rights abuses itself only recently the u.k. government was criticized for detaining glenn greenwald's partner david miranda at heathrow airport glenn greenwald is of course. the guardian journalist who uncovered much of the n.s.a. scandal and his partner was held by police that he through our ports and most of his documents all of his documents were seized and human rights watch called it a shocking act that was aimed at punishing or intimidating journalists and in terms of the reactions to the conservatives latest proposals well they're already there is highlighting that these plans courage may well be illegal under current laws and that ultimately they could be the first steps towards the u.k.
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government simply ignoring the human rights of people as and when it suits them or not right now hundreds of thousands of unemployed in britain could go to work for free or lose their benefits you can head online for more details on how london is planning to tighten the screws on welfare. and bahrain's decision to jail fifty activists shocks the human rights community on the web site of the moment and find out why opposing the government of the gulf kingdom is labeled terrorism and you can read about the international outcry over the accusations. the u.s. and its allies head out of afghanistan next year but they leave behind a deadly legacy since the start of the war on terror twelve years ago the drug industry that has thrived and it's not only for internal use afghan made narcotics are appearing the world over is going to con investigates. a war that kills without
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weapons silently with heroin its production has increased forty times in the galveston since the medo started its war on terror in two thousand and one before that the taliban as brutal as they war heading forced the ban on poppy growing they declared it was against their religion so harry in production was very low when the us and allied forces invaded the country they allowed afghans to grow poppies they saw it as a way to win locals hearts and minds the u.s. and allied forces have maintained that opium production provides a livelihood for afghan farmers but it's been destroying their lives the lives of thousands of children around three hundred thousand afghan children are now drug addicts my colleague visited one family in afghanistan three mothers all three addicted to opium heroin and marijuana they blow opium in the face of their children to make them fall asleep so that the grown ups can cater to their own addiction they give marijuana to their very young children they buy drugs before
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they buy food here's what their daughter said well yes it was a lot of my mother told me let's go to the bazaar i want to buy something for you i said really we went and my mother said to this man do you want to buy these girls he got to give you and give us a hundred f. so we went to buy some dry bread novelty my mom needed money and took my sister we were crying sue notch then she tried to sell me again i begged him not to and she said that if i go to people's houses and back then to keep me so that's what i do the u.s. and allied forces have been doing little to stop opium production in afghanistan is killing more and more people and not just in of gunston but far beyond its borders of ghana's that produces around ninety percent of the world's opium supply the bulk of the eight hundred and twenty tons of heroin that comes out of afghanistan every year ends up on the streets of russia. and europe the drug money feeds organized
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crime all over the globe kossovo drug dealers for example have become a predominant crime group in europe that is because seventy percent of heroin that goes to europe goes through the cost of a channel in the meantime opium production is growing in afghanistan last year they expended poppy cultivation almost twenty percent compared to the prior year and also what kind of a nation building was that when it's clear with these afghan children it was anything but that in moscow i'm going to check out what is estimated forty thousand tons of opiates afghanistan something that according to drug watchdogs is going to worsen in the coming years we talk to ten colonel tony shaffer from the center for involves defense studies and he's been to afghanistan to see the situation for himself and believes nato has completely lost the war on drugs that what you see here is
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a situation ripe for both corruption and expanded production of opium when i was there in two thousand and three and two thousand and four. there was no effort to prevent the crop from becoming a major economic source of income for the afghan people it was just ignored the drug problem became severe two thousand and four two thousand and six because no one is paying attention to it the u.s. and national international part partners attempt to crack down on opium production has been a dismal failure we have spent billions of dollars on trying to deal with securing afghanistan and dealing with the crop problem for ten years so if you just measure the amount of money spent by nato i safa united states versus the output of opium it's a complete failure it's not going to get any better once the u.s. forces and nato forces paired down and leave over the next to yours. more news in
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just over half an hour from now with me and the news team breaking the set looks at the latest snowden revelations and other stories missing from the global media headlines that's coming away after the break stay with us altie in the. wealthy british style. to explicitly. market. scandal. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kinds a report on our. language as well but i will only react to situations i have read the reports and let you know what is the know i will leave that to the
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state department to comment on your letter point of the month to say. ok a car is on the docket no god. no more weasel words when you have a direct question be prepared for a chase when you throw a punch be ready for a. criminal speech and little down to freedom to cost.
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hey guys i'm having martin and this is breaking in the set so it's a government shutdown even if everyone in d.c. is counting down the hours until the panda cam goes black while we wait on our do nothing congress here let's take a look at the latest intelligence agency leak snowden's newest revelation expose a program called mean away and the n.s.a. turns it into a massive graphs that break down all of our social connections yes details of everyone you work and travel with are now compiled in the graphs resemble a massive spider webs let me repeat the people that are linked to you through friends or friends of friends or friends of friends of friends can make you a red flag by sheer connection alone it's not just info collected by the n.s.a. the spy an arm of the government pairs its data with public sources like facebook voter registration polls g.p.s. location property records and even banking history the government's been doing this .


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